Nuclear Power Issues

  It has been a hot issue in Japan since March 2011 whether we need nuclear plants. As for myself, I am against building of nuclear power plants.

  Some people who agree to building of nuclear plants believe that electricity fees would definitely rise without nuclear plants. They think that an abolition of nuclear plants would cause a negative effect for the manufacturing industry in Japan. Surely a nuclear plant can produce electric power cheaply but the construction cost of a nuclear plant is very expensive. Moreover, a disposal of radioactive wastes would involve much higher costs than easily imagined. Nuclear power is not so economical as they claim, if you add to the total cost the construction cost as well as the cost of abolishing the nuclear plants in the future. In addition to the cost factors, the radiation of nuclear plants is hazardous to human health. If big natural disasters such as tsunami should take place nearby a nuclear plant, a wide range of the region may be exposed to contamination of radioactivity. Naturally, residents in the neighborhood cannot avoid serious health damages.

  Thus, nuclear plants have very much unforeseen risks for the future generation. All things above considered, we should have much wider views of nuclear power issues than ever before.


How To Make A Pizza

  Have you ever made a pizza at your home? Some people think that it is too difficult to make a pizza at home but actually it is very easy. Let me show you how to make one at home.

  Firstly you need to get ingredients for pizza dough: salt, water and a strong flour. If you want to make a pizza with a 25 cm diameter for one person, you would need a pinch of salt, 80 milliliters of water and 120 grams of a strong flour. Then stir these ingredients until well mixed and adjust the dough to make it flat. Now the dough for the home made pizza has been completed. Secondly prepare the ingredients for the sauce. Basic ingredients for the pizza toast include tomatoes, garlic, salt and olive oil. After boiling these ingredients in a pot, cool the sauce to a room temperature. When you let the sauce cool enough, you can spread it onto the flat dough. You can put your favorite toppings, such as cheese, bacons and sea foods such as scallops, shrimps or squid over the sauce. Finally you are ready to bake the sauce pasted pizza with your favorite toppings. Set the oven to 230 degrees Celsius. Bake the pizza in the oven set to 230 degrees Celsius.

  Isn’t it easy enough for you to bake a homemade pizza? You should try a special one for Christmas.

Three Differences Bears And Pandas

  Bears and pandas are popular animals at zoos around the world. Some people think that these animals are almost the same but that is not true.

  Firstly, their staple foods differ. Bears like meat, while pandas like bamboos. Secondly, bears are hibernating animal but pandas are not. Bears hibernate during the winter because their foods are scanty. On the other hand, pandas can be active all the year without hibernation. The third difference is their motor skills. For example, bears are good at swimming but pandas are bad at it.

  Thus, these animals have some different characteristics. Zoologists think the cause of such differences come from their living environment.

My Summer Vacation

  I have been to the Philippines this summer. During four week course I lived in a dormitory on campus at a language school. I studied English there with many foreign students: Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese.

  My life there was exciting except the cafeteria meals. The foods were very spicy for me. It was probably because the cafeteria was being managed by Koreans. So school meals tasted almost like Korean foods. Korean taste is too spicy for me to enjoy the meals.

  And yet, Pilipino teachers were friendly enough to talk to me outside the classes. Thanks to them I could speak English a lot. But one month was too short for me to improve my English skills much. So I would like to return to the Philippines in the next spring vacation.

Three Factors Required To Be A Good Teacher

  I think that there are three elements which teachers should have.

  Firstly, teachers should be well educated. Teacher’s expertise and knowledge in various affairs would stimulate student’s intellectual curiosity.  Moreover, teachers of dignity are more attractive to students.  Secondly, teachers should have high moral sense.  To guide their students to tell right from wrong, teachers must have a sense of justices.  If students erred morally, teachers should guide them with kindness.  Thirdly, teachers should be diligent.  Teachers need to have an inquiring mind and improve their ways of teaching.  A good teacher should have not only specialist knowledge but high communication skills.

  I think that ideal teachers who have above three factors will build good relationships of trust with students.

My Hometown

  I was raised in Nishi Ward, Kobe city. Kobe which has a prefectural office is the biggest city in Hyogo Prefecture. Some people may have images of Kobe as a fashionable, a port town, but Nishi Ward is a rural town surrounded by mountains.

  There were many farms and paddy fields close by my house. I could hear croaking sounds of frogs at summer nights. During summer vacations I used to enjoy catching beetles and fishing with my friends. Most of my friends did not dress fashionably because our region had no clothing stores. It took us 20 minutes to go to the nearest clothing store by car.

  Although a rural town like Nishi Ward is inconvenient, a natural scenery and fresh air must soothe souls of residents. If you are tired of working and life in the city, I recommend you to not only visit but seriously considering to live in.

The Reason I Have Taken This Class

  I have a goal to get a teacher’s license of English. English composition is an Essential subject to be an English teacher.

  But even if this subject were not an essential subject, I would take this subject to improve my English faculties. Languages have four skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing skills. However, it is difficult for me to develop writing skills by myself. The best way to develop writing skills is having my composition corrected by others. I might have to revise many times, for I do not have high skills of writing. Moreover, I formerly heard that the teacher of this class was very strict. But I am sure that hard work would enhance my expressiveness of English and logical thinking.

  I want to increase writing proficiency with a strong will in this class.